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Your intern, with name and surname

Collaborate with the formation and support of a specific priest, seminarian or religious, whose story you can learn about and, above all, for whom you can pray personally. For donations of more than 1,000 € per year (one-time or recurring) we will assign you an intern.

Discover the best way to cooperate with the diocesan Church around the world. Help hundreds of dioceses in need of material means through your financial contribution, to the intellectual, human and spiritual formation of its priests and religious. And with your prayer through the Communion of Saints.

When he finishes his studies in Rome or Pamplona, the priest you have sponsored will return to his country to share with his diocese the formation he has received and to continue to encourage new vocations to flourish. In addition, he returns with the commitment to praying throughout his life for the one who made your integral formation possible. At each Holy Mass, you will be present at the paten with your family.

How much does a full scholarship cost?

18,000 euros is the amount necessary for a candidate to live, study and be trained for a year at the universities of Rome or Pamplona. The neediest dioceses in the world request a full scholarship for their candidates. In all cases, the diocese covers a small part of the cost of the student's education in his or her country of origin, as a sign of its commitment to making the best use of the scholarships in the future.

More than 800 bishops from five continents request study grants for their candidates through scholarships. Thanks to benefactors and donors like you, the CARF Foundation meets most of the requests, but the needs are growing and we want all requests to be met.

  • 11,000, board and lodging.
  • 3,500, tuition and academic fees.
  • 3,500 €, academic training supplement.

Supports a vocation anywhere in the world

The seminarians, priests and religious come from more than 131 countries on five continents. After completing their studies, they return to these countries to carry out their pastoral work.

Every academic year, and thanks to more than 10,000 generous donors like you, about 400 vocations can be formed in the Seminaries of Bidasoa in Pamplona and Sedes Sapientiae in Rome, and approximately 1,100 priests between the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome and the Ecclesiastical Faculties of the University of Navarra in Pamplona, in addition to almost a hundred people in consecrated life.

You can request more information about this work developed by the CARF Foundation for more than 33 years, at carf@carfundacion.org.

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