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Don't let any vocation go to waste

The number of seminarians in the West is already below the replacement threshold. Donate now and help us form and support seminarians, diocesan priests and religious to serve the Church worldwide.

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Your contribution has tax benefits. If you donate 150 €, you will get a tax deduction of 120 €.

Can you imagine a world without priests?

It is difficult to imagine a world without priests, but we do know what happens in so many places where priests are not present: there is simply no Eucharist, no sacramental forgiveness of sins, nor do the sick receive the strength and grace of Anointing, nor can we live the happy moments of baptism, communion or marriage for lack of sacraments.

Why are vocations lost?

Most vocations today are born in African or American countries, but the lack of material means means that many do not even reach the seminaries. It is a commitment to think that behind every priestly vocation, there is another call of the Lord to each one of us, to all Christians, asking for a personal effort to ensure the means for their formation.

And you, what can you do to avoid it?

Each year more than 800 bishops around the world request study grants for their candidates, who need generous people like you to help them complete their ecclesiastical formation. 

Tax benefits for donors

Donate 150 € and benefit from an 80 % deduction %

Thanks to the Law of Patronage, donations of up to 150 € will have a tax deduction of 80 %. That is, by donating 12.50 €/month or 150 €/year, the Treasury will refund you 120 € on your income tax return. For 30 € per year you can help our seminarians to continue their formation and thus ensure that no vocation is lost.

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Don't let any vocation go to waste