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Joint and several legacies and wills

Your legacy of solidarity is our commitment to the future and our commitment to continue supporting priests and seminarians on five continents.

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What is a legacy of solidarity?

The solidarity bequest is a testamentary disposition to benefit a non-profit institution. For us it is the way to keep alive your effort to achieve a better world. For us, your collaboration is essential and it is tangible through the solidarity legacy.

What is the difference between a will and a bequest?

In short, a legacy is a specific asset (a house, a car, a piece of jewelry) while an inheritance is a succession in which the estates of both the heir and the deceased are merged. In an inheritance, the heir succeeds the deceased in the ownership of his assets, but also in his debts, and acquires all the rights and obligations that are not extinguished by the death of the individual. Whereas in a legacy, the legatee acquires specific assets, but is not liable for the liabilities of the inheritance.

What can I donate?

Examples of legacies and testimonials received.

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life insurance

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real estate

What does a will consist of?

According to the Civil Code in its article Art. 667 a Will is "the juridical act or business by which a person or institution, disposes for after your death, of all your assets or part of them" depending on the extent to which the Will was made. A will is revocable until the moment of death. The subsequent valid will revokes the previous one. It is possible to modifying the will The notary must comply with the same requirements that were necessary to grant the previous one, that is to say, to go to the notary to manifest the changes that are wanted to be made.

Did you know that you do not need to be a member to leave your will or legacy of solidarity? It is enough that you decide to express in the form of a legacy or testament your commitment to achieve a better world, and to recognize and be grateful for what you have received in life. Your solidarity will always be present, since being an institution declared of Public Utility, your entire legacy or testament will be destined to the foundational purposes of helping the integral formation of priests and seminarians around the world.

How should I proceed?

We guarantee a secure procedure for the treatment of your goods.

Making a will or a joint and several bequest is a right.

To collaborate by making a will or joint and several bequest in favor of CARF, you only need to go to a notary and express your will to testament or bequeath, all or part of your assets, in favor of:

Centro Académico Romano Foundation
Conde de Peñalver, 45 , Entre planta of 1 - 28006 Madrid
CIF: G-79059218

If your personal circumstances or intention change, your last decision can always be modified.

Tax-exempt donation

Tax treatment

In the liquidation of the will, non-profit entities are not subject to Inheritance and Gift Tax and therefore solidarity bequests are free of tax rates for the beneficiaries.

All the value of what you wish to donate will be destined to their work. For this reason, the portion allocated to CARF is tax-exempt.. The entire bequest is entirely dedicated to the purposes of the Foundation.

What are the funds used for?

The proceeds from the sale of its assets will be used for a transcendent investment. This will contribute to the integral formation of priests and seminarians around the world. He is committed to think that behind every priestly vocation, there is another call from the Lord to each one of us Christians, asking for a personal effort to ensure the means for formation.

in kind

Collaborate with a donation in the form of a contribution of goods to support ecclesiastical support.