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Your donation of 600 euros guarantees that a soon-to-be-ordained deacon will receive a set of sacred vessels to impart the sacraments wherever he may be.

He will pray for you for the rest of his life, and you will know who he is and in which country he will carry out his pastoral work, to commend him to be holy and faithful to his vocation.

Donate a case of sacred vessels

4.200€ of 30.000€ raised
4.200€ of 30.000€ raised
4.200€ of 30.000€ raised

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What does the donation consist of?

The most appreciated gift for a newly ordained priest is the CARF Foundation's holy vessels case: a backpack containing all the elements necessary to impart the sacraments and celebrate Holy Mass.

Sacred vessels are those in which the Body or Blood of the Lord is placed. Because they are sacred, they are used only for that purpose and must be blessed by the bishop or a priest. Sacred vessels must have the dignity necessary for worship, be decent and of noble metal or, in the judgment of the episcopal conference, of other solid materials considered noble in each place.

In addition to the purification that corresponds to some sacred vessels at the end of Mass, all vessels must be clean and well preserved.

Illustrative video on liturgical objects and vestments:

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"Your message inviting me to join the campaign came to me on a day when I was very, very frustrated because of work problems. For some time I had an offer to go to another company, smaller, simpler, but with half the salary. I had told the Lord, "What do I do? I can't take this job anymore. It is a cross. Help me to decide whether to stay or leave... And your message arrived and I thought, what I would lose if I change jobs I can no longer use to help the priests... So, I continue to work with the CARF Foundation and whatever is necessary, because it is what God wants".


Reflection received from a benefactor committed to Campaign 2022.

 How much should I donate?

Each set of sacred vessels and accompanying liturgical objects costs 600 €. The Social action board of trustees The foundation's staff is responsible each year for preparing the kits for more than 60 seminarians who are about to be ordained.

Once you have made your donation, we will send you the name of the beneficiary who will receive your gift and the country where he/she will carry out his/her pastoral work. In this way, you will know where in the world you are helping to spread the faith. In addition, you will have the certainty of a priest who will pray for you and your family all his life.

If you cannot afford the cost of a complete kit, we invite you to share this wonderful investment with a group of friends, you will have helped to impart the sacraments in a dignified way.

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Contents of a case of sacred vessels

The Holy Vessel Case contains everything necessary to celebrate Holy Mass with dignity in any location, without the need for prior installation.



It is the table where the priest consecrates the bread and wine. Dignified space where the consecration will take place.



The crucifix is the main element on the altar because the Mass is the holy sacrifice of the Cross.



Since ancient times the candle has been used as a symbol of the light of Christ.



It is used to reserve and distribute the consecrated bread, which is usually in the form of wafers called hosts.



These are the glass bottles containing wine and water necessary for the consecration.



Sacred vessel used to contain the sacramental wine, symbol of the communion between God and men.



A cloth garment worn around the neck by the priest during liturgical celebrations and is the sign of Jesus.



Necessary complement to the dawn. It symbolizes being tied to Christ.



Basic dress for all ministers for the liturgical celebration. It also has
a baptismal sense.

To impart other sacraments

Other objects included in the case for imparting other sacraments are the chrism container and the hyssop or aspersorium:


It contains the holy oil used in the sacrament of Baptism. The anointing with Chrism oil represents the full diffusion of grace. It may also contain the blessed oil for the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick.


It is used for the blessing of facilities or persons, dipping the tip in holy water and spreading it with a waving movement of the hand.

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Other ways to formalize your donation

Bank transfer

Bank transfer order to the name of: Centro Académico Romano Fundación, to any of the following accounts:

  • CaixaBank ES39 - 2100 - 1433 - 8602 - 0017 - 4788
  • BBVA ES73 - 0182 - 2329 - 9900 - 1300 - 8167
  • Santander ES73 - 0049 - 5103 - 7121 - 1654 - 1171
  • Sabadell ES96 - 0081 - 0569 - 8600 - 0160 - 7861


Send your donation to 33420

Donate a set of CARF sacred vessels CARF Icon Quotation closure

"In 2015 I completed my initial training at the Bidasoa International Seminar and in
the University of Navarra, in Pamplona.

I want to thank the CARF Board of Trustees for their unconditional support. Today I have the opportunity to share with you, that the case of sacred vessels that
the gift we received at the end of our formation in the Seminary, has been of great help to us.
help. This case contains the sacred vessels to celebrate some of the sacraments, especially the Eucharist.

When I returned to my diocese, my bishop appointed me to serve in a parish. There every Thursday the extraordinary ministers of communion and I would take Viaticum to the sick, for which I found the reliquary from the case of sacred vessels very useful, to bring to Our Lord. I would take the hyssop from the case to sprinkle the house with holy water. When I was ordained a priest, I had the opportunity to administer the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. It is worth mentioning that on many occasions the situation of the sick is painful.

Finally, I would like to share with you that some parish priests asked me to help them celebrate the Eucharist in remote places in their parishes. To get to those places, whose landscape was beautiful and where there was a great silence, it was sometimes necessary to ride a horse or a donkey or to continue walking to get to the place to celebrate Mass. People would gather from many places around, I would hear their confessions, and we would celebrate the Eucharistic banquet using the sacred objects contained in the case of sacred vessels donated by the benefactors of CARF.

I thank again CARF and all its representatives. I pray to God for the fruits of this work".


Photo Jose Luis

José Luis Solís

Priest of the Diocese of Celaya, Mexico

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