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It helps to keep hope alive for those who need it most.

Pray for the sick

The CARF Foundation encourages its collaborators, benefactors and friends to join Pope Francis' prayer for all those suffering from illness. Let us pray for the sick.

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Health of the sick

Let us remember in these days our Lord Jesus Christ. To Him all the sick were brought and He cured them. That is why we will pray to Him with faith and hope for the health of our sick and for all the victims of any disease. We have an obligation to pray for the sick.

Family intentions

We also suggest taking advantage of this situation to pray together as a family. We trust in the value of family prayer and as a form of unity. Let us pray especially for the Pope's intentions and needs. And let us pray for the sick.

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Holy Mass for the sick

Follow it live on the CARF YouTube Channel

Europe Timetable

Latin America Schedule

Monday to Friday at 7:00 pm.
During the summer months (July 1 - September 30) the live broadcast will be suspended due to reduced hours at the Basilica. However, petitions will continue to be presented at the Eucharist.

12:00 h. Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Mexico City (Mexico).

13:00 h. Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Panama, Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico.

14:00 h. Peru, Bolivia, Dominican Rep.

15:00 h. Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil.

Holy Mass for the sick*.

The Holy Masses are celebrated in the Pontifical Basilica of San Miguel in Madrid. Every day we pray for the intentions and needs of the benefactors and friends of the CARF Foundation.

Be assured that the priest offers to the Lord on his paten, each and every petition.

*It is possible that some Eucharists cannot be retransmitted because they are celebrated in the crypt of the basilica where there is no transmission equipment.