About the CARF Foundation
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About CARF

We work to inspire all hearts so that every day we become more people building a more just society.

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What do we do?

Thanks to our benefactors, we help in the formation of priests, spread their good name and pray for their fidelity and vocations.

We work so that no vocation is lost and then they can transmit in their pastoral work all the light, science and doctrine received.


Contribute financially so that priests and seminarians receive a solid academic, human and spiritual preparation.


We believe in religious freedom and in the contribution of excellence in education to build a just society.


We defend human values, inspired by the Social Doctrine of the Church. 

Our commitment

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The bachelor's degrees, specialization programs or doctorates, grant each candidate a specific training in Theology, Philosophy, Canon Law or Institutional Social Communication.

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Seminarians and priests complement their academic and human formation with their spiritual formation, since they must be prepared to follow their vocation and lend his body and spirit to the Lord.

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Through the family environment and preparation, the development of attitudes, skills and values that impact the personal and social growth of the children is achieved. priests.

Will you join this challenge?

This Foundation contributes financially so that priests and seminarians from all over the world receive a solid theological, human and spiritual preparation.

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Fernando Martí Scharfhausen

Fernando Martí Scharfhausen

Fernando Martí Scharfhausen

Vice President
María Consuelo Mesa Casado

Non-Executive Secretary
Fernando Moreno Cea

José Luis Elías Rodríguez
Margarita García Pinilla
David Gómez García
Pablo Paunero Quijada
Amador Sosa Lora
Andres Hernando Aboin
Marian Pampillón Olmedo

luis alberto rosales araque

Luis Alberto Rosales Araque

Chief Executive Officer
Luis Alberto Rosales Araque

Chief Financial Officer
Juan José Ferrer-Bonsoms Millet

Director of Marketing and Fundraising
Álvaro Garrido Bermúdez

Communication and Promotion
Tono Martín Sanz de Bremond

Social Action Board
Rosana Díez-Canseco
Carmen Ortega

Delegates in Catalonia
Federico Armengol Pubill
Carlos García-Elias Cos

Delegate in Castilla y León
María Dolores Cuadrado Barbero

Delegate in Valencia
Pedro Joaquín García Campillo

Delegate in Galicia
Andrés Barbé Riesco

Tomás Martín Ruiz
Diego Garcia-Plata Ortiz-Villajos
Pedro Domínguez Benjumea
Pilar Maldonado Juarez

Luis de Lucas from Madrid
Erick Castillo

Ana García Fernández

History of CARF:
more than 30 years of service to the Church

CARF is a private cultural foundation for charitable promotion. Learn more about its history and history.

Brief description

Foundation recognized by the Ministry of Culture, according to Ministerial Order of 22.5.1989, published in the BOE of 13.06.1989, registered under number 140 with CIF: G-79059218.

The formation of priests was present in the apostolic and priestly zeal of the founder of Opus Dei, St. Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer. His successor, Blessed Alvaro del Portillo, made this desire a reality by initiating in 1984 the activity of what is now the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome, under the inspiration and impulse of St. John Paul II.

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