“Let us make internet a place rich in humanitiy”

The great communicative power of Pope Francis is shown in his active participation and conquest in the social networks. In October, he reached more than four million Twitter followers. The specialized publishers in this area consider him a world leader with major prestige.

Even if this Vatican account was created by Benedict XVI on 12th of December 2012, with Francis, it has exponentially grown in followers after his first message of 150 characters. This occurred in his first prayer of Angelus en St. Peter´s square, the 17th of March, 2013 and he said: “Dear friends, I thank you from the depth of my heart and I ask you to continue praying for me, Pope Francis”

From that day on he sends one message per day on 9 different Twitter accounts he has got: in Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Polish and Latin. The pope, being conscious of how far the messages reach through this social network said “ Let us make internet a place rich in humanity and safe for the youth, a network that does not imprison but enhances one´s growth.

The contents of his tweet messages cover wide range of topics: reconciliation, love of God, family, social justice, environment…Also it has been addressed to the seminarians, priest o the youth in order to consider their vocations. These are some of them:

Let us pray for seminarians so that by listening to the voice of the Lord, they follow Him with clear decision and happiness. (11:13-13 Feb, 2014)

Let us pray for all good and faithful priests, who devote to the service of others with generosity and detachment and humility.(11:13-13 Feb,2014)

If we are faithful to Christ and we do carry out good deeds, we can spread God´s light of hope. (14:30-23 Sept, 2017)

Accompany your priests with love and prayer so that they may always be good shepherds according to the heart of God. (12:45-28 Mar, 2013)

Dear youth, be attentive to your heart: Christ is calling at the door of your heart. (11:20-20 Sept, 2014)

To follow Jesus faithfully, let us ask for the grace to do so not with words but through actions and to carry our crosses with patience. (13:30-15 May, 2017)

Let us behave according to our vocation as Christians. (11:20-20 Nov, 2014)

Each vocation in the church has its origin in compassionate look of Jesus who forgives us and invites us to follow Him. (10:00-17 Apr, 2016)

The principal mission of the church is to evangelize: To bring Good News to all. (11:00-30 Oct, 2014)

Today, we give thanks to God for the work done by St. Domingo, he accomplished the evangelical work, preaching through words and his own life. (14:30-8 Aug, 2017)

Like St. Ignatius of Loyola, let us permit Jesus to conquer us, guide us and to be at the service of my neighbor. (14:30-31 Jul, 2017)

Let us believe in the intercessions of Saints Peter and Paul in order to convert ourselves into witnesses of God´s liberating action in our lives. (14:30-29 Jun, 2017)

The compassion warms the heart and makes it sensitive to the needs of our brothers through sharing and participation. (14:30-24 Jun, 2017)

Let us pray for each other in order to open our doors to the weak and poor. (14:30-14 Mar, 2017)