The popes for big screen

Pope Francis has not only been a great phenomenon in the social network with more tan four million Twitter followers , he as  well is famous in  other means of communication. The televisions and newspapers announce his messages, his actitude, openness and  simplicity in every place he goes would not be less.

From mid october, Netflix presents a movie, “Call me Francis” directed by a brazilian  Fernando Meirelles (nominated for Oscar  by “City of God”, 2004, “The faithful gardener”). As a youth, Francis is represented by Juan Minujín (the marginal) and by Jonathan Pryce (“Caribbean pirates”) as a pope in the current times and a great international cast led by Anthony Hopkins, as Benedicto XVI.

As this has just been launched, en 2018, a new reléase of “Pope Francis. A man of his word” produced by  a German filmaker Wim Wenders (“Cielo sobre Berlín”, 1987) in the image.

“Pope Francis. A man of his Word “ will be the first film documentary with pope Francis as the main protagonist who will gration, talk about immigration, social justice etc. This news was revealed in Cannes but the exact date is not yet known.

Pope Francis  boasts  major number of production about his life. 

The great film production about pope  Francis started in 2013. Just seven months after his election, the first film biography  “Francisco: el Papa del Nuevo Mundo” (Francis, the Pope of the New World) was releaased. This was a collection of interviews with his friends during youth stage, as a priest and other closer people to him who have offered details of his personal life as well as his life as a shepherd in Argentina.

Also in 2013, they screened two productions. One was  El Papa de las Américas”. This was in the same line as the  previous one: testimonies amongst which her sister María´s (See video). The next one is the History Channel that dedicated to him an episode  entitled “El Papa del Fin del Mundo”. It was in this production where the pope mentions his first message (see the documental)

In the  cinema, the film “Francisco: el padre Jorge”, screened in 2015, protagonised by  Darío Grandinetti, he tried to synthesize the life of  Jorge Mario Bergoglio en 90 minutos (See the film).

Without any doubt, Pope Francis  boasts  major number of production about his life. Other popes have as well been the object of the cameras though to a less extent. John Pau lII  and “Karol, the man who became pope“,  in 2005); John XXIII y “El Papa Bueno” (“The Good Pope“, 2013). Both were canonized on the same day. Also there are accounts about the life of John Paul I  in “John Paul  I, the smile of God” (2006) and Pablo VI in “Paul V, a pope in  tempest” (2008)