XIII (Roman) Benefactors meeting in Rome

From the 31st of October till the 5th of November, a XIII benefactors meeting will be held in Roma. It is an encounter in which the donors and the beneficiaries of the CARF will get to know each other, besides, it is memorable event in which everyone (who participates) is strengthened. José Ladín Limese, a CARF collaborator will tell us his experience. Read below for more information about the meeting.

“We are privileged because we make the presence of Jesus Christ visible in the remotest parts of the world”

-What is the main objective of this meeting and since when is it held?

This is the 13th benefactors´ meeting held. Its principal aim is to enable our collaborators and the beneficiaries (priests and seminarians) to get to know each other. May be it could be explained better with the following words: they are people with special divine mercies who come from unimaginable places. Their bishops choose them on the basis of their profound vocation to the priesthood and their capacity to work. Another important objective of the meeting is to make CARF known, this is done through  academic meetings and acts with the professors from the pontifical university of Santa Cruz.

-What is your personal experience?

I will never find the exact words to describe how the divine providence is visible in the call to priesthood among the priests and seminarians that I had the chance to talk with. In different occasions that I attended these collaborators meetings, I had the chance to converse deeply with some of them. I would not say which one of the conversations produced the greatest impact on me but  all are unforgettable. Behind each anecdote, there is the mercy of God. If I regularly attend these CARF appointments, it is to fill myself with new experiences and to enjoy Rome where the Pope centralizes Christianity.

-What would you highlight about those days of coming together?

That all that we do to the people around us- in fact we all lack something, is good not only for beneficiaries but also for us who donate for their good. In this case, helping priest and seminarians makes the presence of Jesus visible in the furthest parts of the world.